Ideas of a Crazy Lady

Crazy plots for another day:

“The Feeder” -I’d ramble through the fast disappearing supplies of bird seed from my numerous bird feeders, introduce a lovely neighbor who makes homemade biscotti and another neighbor who is trying to capture wild turkeys in his garage. Several pounds of seed later and after nights of surveillance drinking hot cocoa I’d find the culprit.

The little sweet old lady next door is raiding the feeders for toppings for her biscotti. But, I’d end up liking them so much, I’d just let her continue to have fun – BUT, I would substitute somewhat human friendly seeds in the feeders. Let the birds fend for themselves!!

; D

My other collection of weekly (or daily) titles perhaps could also run to the extreme, such as:

Monday: “Opps!” – the story of a couple who buys an old Victorian home, and, in the process of renovating, finds two children’s skeletons in an attic trunk. They don’t report it to the authorities because they don’t want their renovations disrupted – but try to investigate the findings on their own – with almost catastrophic results.

Tuesday: “Fillets Anyone?” – the story of a woman who marries a piranha – and feeds her ex-boyfriends to it, bit by bit.

Wednesday: “Birch Shadows” – a tale of native american ghosts that appear out of the dark patches on the white birch trees in a young boy’s back yard – and how he learns their stories.

Thursday: “Find Me” – a woman’s cry for help after she becomes trapped in a circle of evil oak trees because she laughed at her aunt’s stories about witches.

Friday: “The Plot” – a middle aged, frumpy sort of soul, begins to write murder mysteries and experiments with the murders on local homeless people – and ALL the different ways to dispose of their bodies.

Saturday: “Replay” – a tale of an older woman who wakes up one morning finding herself ten years old again with the chance to change her life’s experiences – with some hilarious repercussions.

Sunday: The Moral” – stories of people who attained their fondest dream, but under circumstances that they cannot escape, with tragic results – and an occasional redemption.

That’s the best I can do off the top of my head.

I know……………………….I need a nap!

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1 Response to Ideas of a Crazy Lady

  1. wow! you have enough imagination to light a Christmas tree-even your reality is quite fascinating-the bird feeder story is hilarious and I must say something I never heard of in my life! you are one entertaining Irishnana!


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